Ice Unicorn Carved by Laurent and Nicolas Godon
Ice Unicorn Carved by Laurent and Nicolas Godon

On March 5th, Gateway Labrador, L’Association Francophone du Labrador and the communities of Labrador West welcomed Laurent and Nicolas Godon from Mont Tremblent, Que.  The Laurent Bros, came to Labrador West to show off their skills in ice and snow carving and to engage locals in sculpting their own snow art.  The temperatures were absolutely frigid but that didn’t stop the local teams from coming out and having the best time!  Even at -32 degrees Celsius, young and old joined the Laurent Team on Tanya Lake and dug in to this incredible project.  At the end of the day 9 snow sculptures were proudly on display on Tanya Lake for the community to enjoy!  

Following an afternoon of snow sculpting, the community packed into the White Wolf Snowmobile Club for a family BBQ.  Nearly a full house of family and friends enjoyed good food in fine company.  Cards were distributed to attendees to write down what makes them proud to be Canadian.  Many core Canadian values were expressed and these will be used for display at Gateway Labrador on Canada Day.


Hot Chocolate and Maple Taffy and Ice Bar
Hot Chocolate and Maple Taffy and Ice Bar

At 7:30 that night, sculptures were illuminated and the Laurent Bros, did a fire and ice demonstration on Tanya Lake where they carved a beautiful unicorn from a block of ice.  The demonstration was truly exciting with music and lights and snow flying across the crowd.  It was bitter cold but the show received rave reviews some even took part on the walk around Tanya Lake Walking Trail led by local guide Stephanie Rideout.  The walk was truly beautiful as the Northern Lights came out and gave participants a beautiful light show.  After the walk, folks gathered at the Ice Bar to enjoy hot chocolate and maple taffy provided by L’Association Francophone du Labrador and Beaver Tails compliments of the Smokey Mountain Ski Club.  It was truly an incredible Canadian event in beautiful Labrador West!



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