The Great Canadian Life Project is a partnership between Gateway Labrador and the communities of Labrador City and Wabush in Labrador West, Newfoundland Labrador.  Canada 150 presents a wonderful opportunity to bring people together to celebrate what it means to be Canadian and how that meaning has been shaped over the last 150 years.  As advocates of cultural preservation and awareness, Gateway Labrador Inc. envisioned a project that would encourage residents to identify themselves not only as Labradorians but also as Canadians and to celebrate that part of their own personal heritage.  For Labradorians, the land and the people around them represent more than just their surroundings.  It is home and being Canadian starts with the community.  Unfortunately, sometimes remembering this fact is much more challenging for those in isolated areas.  That is the foundation of the Great Canadian Life Project.   This project proposes break down the barriers of isolation by bringing residents from both communities together and commemorate Canada starting with celebrating what it is about Labrador that reflects Canadian culture.

Gateway Labrador
Gateway Labrador

The Great Canadian Life Project aims to recognize Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation by:
•    Addressing the 4 main themes of the Canada 150
•    Creating a connection between communities
•    Breaking down feelings of isolation
•    Celebrating cultural diversity and heritage
•    Engaging stakeholder partnerships
•    Promote national identity

Canada represents diversity, freedom, inclusion and open-mindedness. It’s about adopting new traditions while preserving and celebrating the old. Canada has a natural raw beauty that grounds itself into the landscape and into the spirit of the Canadian people. Canada believes in fostering young people through opportunity and education as well as health and overall well-being.  Canada is an ambassador for environmental protection that encompasses land, water and wildlife and is a national leader in taking action on the issue of climate change.  Being Canadian means embracing multiculturalism and building and maintaining positive relationships with indigenous people across the country.  Every Canadian should have the opportunity to celebrate the land and the values of the country they live in and to do so is to celebrate a Great Canadian Life with neighbors, family and loved ones.

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